Family Frittata with Courgette & Chorizo

I don’t know about you but I’m always seriously knackered and can’t be bothered to cook and wish I had a fridge full of home made delicious goodies to feed me and hubs once we’ve got the three little bears to bed of an evening. I don’t mind cooking for them as they’ve had a lovely hot meal at school so all they need is a baked potato or some pasta or a wrap….something low effort and quick to make.


But by the time I’ve supervised homework, listened to music practice, put a load of washing on, stacked the dishwasher, read through school paperwork for tomorrow, bathed the littlest bear, made sure the big two have showered, folded clothes up for the morning, checked their reading books and tucked the time-consuming little poppets into bed – the LAST thing I really want to do is cook for my poor husband!

So, having inhaled a glass of wine, the solution occurs to me and when and if I’m organised enough and/or have the time/inclination/groceries/inspiration to prepare something in advance then this recipe is a goodie. And actually the best thing about this dish is that it’s so enormous you can eat it for weeks! Mission accomplished! Healthy and delicious it’s great with a salad or on it’s own, it can be eaten hot or cold and if you’ve got adventurous kids they may well enjoy it too.


The other great thing about this dish is that you can use any veg and any protein that you fancy (as long as you cook them through before adding them to the potatoes). So how about salmon & sweetcorn, mushroom and ham or red pepper & asparagus? Make it spicy or add some dairy free cheese, however you fancy it it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. Perfect cold for lunch the day after, cut it up into chunks and take it on a picnic, or make a couple for a party as a tasty alternative to boring canapés. This dish really is super versatile.

So I (of course) still have plenty of pattipan courgette to use up, so in they went, along with a sad looking half bag of spinach that was sitting in the fridge. It made a great combo with the salty chorizo plus I cooked it all in a spicy chilli olive oil which really made it delicious. Here’s the recipe:

Family Frittata with Courgette & Chorizo

  • Servings: 6 adults size portions
  • Difficulty: a little bit of effort
  • Print



You will need this:

  • 3-4 large white potatoes
  • 2 medium onions
  • A ring of chorizo
  • A couple of courgettes (I used my home grown ones so have a variety of colours)
  • Half a bag of spinach
  • 6-8 eggs
  • Olive oil (I used a chilli infused olive oil)
  • Salt & pepper


You make it like this:

  1. Start by boiling the potatoes for just 8mins or so to part-cook themimg_6916
  2. Whilst the potatoes are cooking prep all your ingredients, slicing & chopping veg etc 
  3. Pop half a bag of spinach into the microwave to steam for a couple of minutes
  4. Start by gently frying your onions until softened
  5. Then add chorizo until the oils are coming out
  6. Then add courgette until softened
  7. Remove it all from pan and pop into a bowl on the side
  8. Once your potatoes are part-cooked, remove from the pan, allow to cool and slice into 5mm slices before drenching in olive oil and seasoning generously with s&p
  9. Now gently fry your part-cooked potato slices (I did this in 2 frying pans for speed and to avoid the potatoes breaking up too much)
  10. Add back all the veg and chorizo
  11. Squeeze out the spinach discarding the water and add to the pan
  12. Stir gently to combine
  13. Now pour in the eggs, move around the pan, making sure the eggs get into every bit of the potato mixture (I used 8 eggs because my potatoes were so big but
  14. Leave to cook on a low heat on the hob for 10mins or so until it starts to come away from the edge of the pan
  15. Pop it into the oven at 180 for 10 minutes to cook through
  16. I like to switch the oven to grill for another few minutes just to get the top nicely browned



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