Summer sabbatical

Hello lovely readers and I apologise sincerely in advance if you have been waiting with baited breath for one of my brilliant blog posts to drop into your inbox. Not only was it a manic and busy end of term with the three little bears but now we’re deep into the summer holidays and I just don’t have a second to sit down and write about anything interesting!

Oh….and my recent diagnosis with BAM has sort of left me rather shell shocked and I’m still reeling at the news that on this new medication I may be able to eat entirely ‘normally’ again. I have been on the meds for a week now and have upped from 1 to 2 tablets a day and maybe I think I should take 3 just to make doubly and triply sure that my nasty running to the loo symptoms don’t return. Ever.

But so far so good….

I have re-introduced a small amount of dairy, namely in the form of the two most important dairy ingredients in the world – Cheese and Ice Cream. Obvs. And, you know what, I’ve been alright. It seems so strange. I find myself eating and then sitting around waiting to see what happens, touching a lot of wood, praying to the tummy gods that I’ll be ok and I sort of have been. I can’t really believe it.

No tummy ache, no emergency loo trips, no grumbling or bubbling acid, no cramps….no nothing. I am going only once a day (tmi sorry!) which for me is a serious triumph and everything seems a lot more how it should be.

My tick list this week includes: cheese sandwich, costa caramel latte, ice cream, roast dinner, semi-skimmed mocha, sausage roll, full fat coconut milk satay noodles and last night (I’m a bit afraid to say this out loud) I had macaroni cheese!

For the time being I am sticking with eating mostly gluten free but my consultant suggested that my symptoms were quite possibly all to do with the BAM and never anything to do with gluten but that it has been almost impossible to tell the difference. He’s probably right. So I’m easing up on being the gluten police and have nibbled on a few regular biscuits and I even had a piece of white bread toast (shock horror!). And the thing is I feel fine.

Now I don’t want to tempt fate, I really don’t, so what I’m going to do is see how it goes over the summer holidays and I’ll report back in 6 weeks time and let you know how I’ve been doing. We have various holidays and trips abroad coming up, plus a new school and possibly a new house move to organise, so I’m going to be insanely busy anyway.

I’ll keep posting foodie pics on my Instagram account and I’ll share anything interesting I read on my Facebook page but apart from that….I’m taking a summer sabbatical from blogging. Wish me luck and I’ll write again in September!

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