A Week of Chocolate

Chocolate, coconut, maple syrup, cranberries, butter, polenta, flour, peanut butter, oats, dates, flaxseeds, apple sauce, hazelnuts, clementines, cherries, cashews, cinnamon, honey, lemon, raisins, pineapple, walnuts, almonds, sugar, vanilla, cocoa, carrots, pineapple, bananas and avocado….phew. Knackered. Bit sick of baking now.

Remind me not to do another week when I end up being tied by my apron strings to the kitchen. Funnily enough baking is not my favourite thing to do, I’m more of a savoury girl, but obviously having 3 kids means baking is often on the agenda regardless.

However I think it’s been a pretty successful week of chocolatey treats, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them all too. If you try a recipe please do let me know and post a pic in the comments, I’d love to see if they turn out ok at your end!

It goes to show…that even though when you say ‘gluten & dairy free’ to someone they pretty much always pull a face at you, you can, you definitely can, make very delicious cakes, brownies and cookies with absolutely no gluten or dairy in sight. And some of the recipes even turned out to be free of egg and free of processed sugar. Bargain.

Here’s my round up of the ‘best-in-show’ for chocolate week:

Most Liked/Shared/Commented/Viewed:

Celebration Chocolate Orange Cake


Definitely my favourite too. It’s kept really well too in a tupperware and seems to have lasted forever amazingly….a little goes a long way as they say. I’ll be taking requests to make this one if you like, it was that good I don’t mind doing it all over again!!

Devoured the Quickest:

Chocolate Flapjack No-Cheesecake


The girls seriously loved this one. Part dessert, part cake – it was a winning combo of avocado and chocolate (who knew?!) and gave everyone something to talk about. Reckon I’ll be making it again soon as it would be a perfect pud for a dinner party.

Easiest to Make:

Chocolate Brownie Fudge Squares


These are the easiest little fudgey squares of moreishness to make and I’ve already had requests to make a big batch for a girlie evening next week. Hope they turn out just as good second time round!

Liked by the kids the best:

Chunky Choc Chip Nut Butter Cookies

cookies on board

I left 3 kids in the car for 10 mins with 15 cookies in a tin. When I got back there were only 9 left. Do the maths.

Best for bunnies:

Carrot Cake Cupcakes 


It took a couple of attempts to get the cupcakes cooked properly all the way through but by playing with the oven temps and cooking time we got there in the end. And the cashew frosting was a revelation!

Most coco-nutty:

Coconut & Cherry Chocolate Brownies


I love love love coconut and these were my favourites.

Strangest Recipe:

Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Loaf


This seemed like such a cool idea but it was actually pretty bad…..so bad I didn’t even have the guts to write about it. Guilty as charged. Failure. But the photo looked good right?!

So lovely readers, thanks for all the support, shares, follows and likes over the past couple of weeks. Knowing you are reading keeps me in the kitchen! I have so many ideas for the coming weeks I’m excited to show you. Think I might reduce my blogging frequency from every day to every couple of days so you’re not over-inundated with my emails and Facebook posts!

Pancake Day this week so look out for some tasty pancake recipes and Valentines Day is next sunday and I’ll be baking my heart out for you (in biscuit form).

Do share me, or rather my blog, with your friends/relatives/obscure aunt in australia – the more the merrier. And join in the fun on my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest page too. See you next week Ax





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