Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cashew Chocolate Cream

IMG_7754So two things happened today….a friend of mine informed me it was National Carrot Cake Day (whaaaaaaaat?!!!!) and another friend came round with her Thermomix to give me a bit of demo. Put two and two together and we ended up making some carrot cake cupcakes in about 2 seconds in her very clever kitchen gadget! We also made a very tasty butter chicken recipe with cauliflower rice which I’ll blog about next week.

IMG_7756The whole time we were playing with her machine I was thinking about how I could fit carrot cake into chocolate week and then it came to me….obviously chocolate frosting. Bit more research and I found an interesting looking cashew based frosting idea from The Rawtarian, and for once in my life I just followed the recipe. Wasn’t I a good girl? Oh actually I lie, I added some melted dark chocolate to make it chocolate icing… not so good actually. typical. ah well. I tried the plain version and it was really good but the chocolate version was even better (I would say they that right?!)


Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cashew Chocolate Cream

  • Servings: 12
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

You will need this:

200g carrots chunked
150g fresh pineapple chunked
2 eggs
40g vegetable oil
1tsp vanilla bean paste
90g honey
190g plain gf flour
2tsp cinnamon
2tsp bicarb soda
75g walnuts
60g raisins

You make it like this:

Thermomix instructions:

  1. Mix all wet ingredients including both carrots and pineapple in chunks on speed 5 for 5 secs
  2. Add all dry ingredients and mix on speed 3 for 5 secs

IMG_7743 IMG_7745






Doing it by hand:

  1. Blitz up the carrots and pineapple in a food processor then add the wet ingredients and blitz again
  2. Add to a bowl and sieve in the flour, cinnamon, bicarb and mix
  3. Stir through the walnuts and raisins
  4. Fill your cupcake cases and bake at 160c for 40mins
  5. If the tops are going too dark cover with tin foil after 20mins

You make the frosting like this:

  1. Blitz up 1 1/2 cups of soaked cashews (I didn’t soak them and found the texture a little bitty) with 1/2 cup warm water, 3tbsp coconut oil, 2tbsp honey, 1tbsp vanilla, juice of a whole lemon and a 2tbsp melted dark chocolate
  2. Put in the fridge to harden before icing the cupcakes otherwise it will be very drippy

I found the cupcakes quite sticky in the middle even though I cooked them for 40mins so I would advise cooling them off in the fridge and then I think the texture will be better. Mind you, they tasted great, kind of toffee-like in the middle with lots of raisins and the frosting was finger-licking good! All round a good tribute to National Carrot Cake day plus fitting into chocolate week rather nicely I reckon. Go me.


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