Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Puttanesca baked cod on lemon marrow spaghetti with salsa verde in bowl

Rustled this seriously tasty tangy tongue teaser up last night and boy was it good. So much flavour and no carbs or fat in sight. And yet I was totally full. weird. And I’m also getting pretty good at taking sexy pics of my food aren’t I?! Now I understand why people use the hashtag foodporn. Not that I understand what the hashtag bit means but there you go, techie lesson for another day methinks.

My favourite vegetable in the world is courgette, but I spied fat little marrows in Waitrose the other day and I couldn’t resist. I have nice memories of my Mum making stuffed marrow halves with huge monster marrows from the garden full of mince & veggies and things. So eighties right?!

Puttanesca baked cod with lemon marrow spaghetti & salsa verde

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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You will need this:
2 pieces white fish like cod or haddock or pollock
black olives
sun dried tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
olive oil
pine nuts

You make it like this:
1. Bake your cod fillets with a generous scattering of black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, cherry tomatoes, garlic & olive oil.
2. Pop into the oven at 180 for 20 mins.

Puttanesca baked cod
Puttanesca baked cod

3. Whizz up your salsa verde sauce: large handful spinach, small handful basil & parsley, 1/2 squeezed fresh lemon, tsp capers, 4 anchovies, 3tbsp pine nuts, oil, s&p.
4. Spiralize your marrow into large spaghetti and season with lots of lemon, oil, s&p.
5. Stir fry on a high heat to get rid of any excess moisture until it’s soft and cooked through.
6. At last minute add handful fresh spinach and stir together.

7. Mix the salsa verde sauce through the vegetable spaghetti and serve the cod on top with all the puttanesca goodies, a drizzle of the juices and another squeeze of lemon.


Hope you love this as much as I did!

Puttanesca baked cod on lemon marrow spaghetti with salsa verde

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