Bodycoach food my way

As you know I’ve done the exceedingly foolish thing of signing up to The Bodycoach plan  (what was I thinking it’s so painful) so I thought I’d post today a few of the recipes I’ve been making using his recipes as ‘inspiration’ but making them the gdfree way. Today is my ‘rest’ day from doing silly exercises so at least I don’t have to write this whilst jumping up and down like a lunatic round my kitchen.

Everybody, like everybody, seems to love The Body Coach ‘ultimate build up bagel’ and I’ve seen people posting slightly ridiculous pictures of their towering bagel creations on his Facebook page, as if it’s impressive to be able to get something that big in their mouths? Anyhoo…I wouldn’t usually eat such a massive carby lunch so I thought I’d have a go at making my own more civilised version of it.

build up bagel the gdfree way

Pretty isn’t it?! This is what I swapped: instead of the bagel I used 2 slices of Biona organic millet wholegrain bread toasted and spread with humous instead of cottage cheese; I put in a slice of chicken breast but added a slice of ham instead of the beef as I don’t really like beef; I fried an egg in my non-stick non-oil crepe pan because I fancied a hot element instead of the cold boiled egg; then I added spinach coz it needed something green I thought! It was yum but a lot for lunchtime and I didn’t finish it all.

And last night I made this beauty:

The Body Coach recipe was for a chicken breast marinated in in paprika and coconut milk overnight then filled with veggies and wrapped in aubergine. It sounds good but I just didn’t fancy it. So I made up my own version with some extra yummy goodies to fill you up on a cold rainy evening.

Moroccan style chicken & aubergine casserole

Dice a large chicken breast (I got 3 portions out of this entire recipe) and marinate for as long as you have in 1/2 tin of coconut milk mixed with 1 tsp cumin/coriander/paprika and 1 tbsp harissa paste (I used waitrose). Using a casserole dish with a lid, fry 2 finely diced red onions and 2 garlic cloves in olive oil, when softened add a diced red pepper. Spiralize an aubergine (this was tricky and a bit hit and miss but I think it adds a more interesting texture than chunks, but you can chunk it if you want). Fry the aubergine spaghetti or chunks with the onion/garlic/pepper mixture and then add 2 tbsp harissa paste until sizzling and smelling spicy. Chuck in a tin of chickpeas incl the water. Add 2 tbsp of chopped black olives/sun dried tomatoes and a sprinkle of capers. Then add the chicken with the coconut milk marinade and cook in the casserole with the lid on on a low heat until cooked through. Just before serving throw in a huge handful of spinach and garnish with chopped almonds and coriander.  

The good thing about the idea behind how you eat on the Bodycoach plan is that if you’ve worked out and done your high intensity training that day then you’re allowed to have a carb based meal, but otherwise you stick to the reduced carb menus. I don’t think I’m cheating that much (sorry if you’re a purist on this) to make my own versions…..I guess it’s the rebel in me coming out! Naughty girl.

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